Good things come to those who wait

So my first post is dedicated to those who HUSTLE. As Abe Lincoln stated so eloquently, us hustlers are the ones who accomplished the most while the rest is still waiting for the right time to act.

There is no right time, except right now. So as I’m on the net reading up, preparing myself for my first week as a bonafide entrepreneur, I found myself feeling a little…..well, scared. I’m planning to approach businesses to pitch them my product and walk out of their establishment with an order. I won’t know most of them, all I know is that the products I am selling WORK, and that I am ready to WORK. With any luck I’ll be hustling all the way to the bank, and so will my customers!

I’m still in the preparation/start-up phase and will soon be launching my own business, it’s more than I honestly bargained for. In all honesty, it’s SOOO worth it!

In the meantime, remember there is no time like the present to go after what it is you want. Wether it’s to be happier, healthier, or wealthier, take some positive action right NOW. You’ll be glad you did, I promise.

And whatever you do, keep it Positive 🙂

– Aissette

Ps: This original post was written when I first decided to join a MLM (Multi-Level Marketing) Program. I have since begun working on my true passion, which is helping Small Businesses get online and get noticed by their ideal clients. So I’m still hustling, and I hope you are too!

those who hustle - abe lincoln